Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reflection 2 for 639

Well, we had our first kick off meeting for the CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) course work for my mentee. The quick lowdown is that I created this 'curriculum' for my mentee (3 month program to study and accomplish the certification) Once I created that, I came up with a timeline for each week, readings and the whole Google Groups for him and an Etherpad for taking notes. SO...I also invited a couple of his co-workers in joining in to participate as a collaborative group. I also invited 3 other security professionals on the side to (CISSP Certified) assist in answering questions for the study group.

Needless to say, the first meeting was Last Friday, 2/26/2010 and 3 of the 5 participants showed up. The goal of the meeting was to describe the google groups, the etherpad and the support that the security groups will provide the study group. My mentee didn't show up. I texted him to see where he was and to no avail, no response. My mentee is a co-worker of mines and I am trying to block it off. I do have a 'recurring' Monday meeting with him and i'll need to reflect on what I'll need to do to 'motivate' him. But I am beginning to feel that he's not as motivated, or driving as I want him to be. We just had this conversation last Thursday in class as well and I feel that I push hard for myself and get annoyed to see that others do not do the same for themselves. I know he has 4 kids but hey, it's his career we're talking about. With all the fears of layoffs this was one of the items he wanted to work on and we 'signed' up for it together...with me helping him.

I am hoping for the best for him. Praying even. =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflection 1 for 639 Spring 2010

So i've gone ahead and decided to take one of my co-workers on as a Mentee. He's a pretty good candidate, and to give some background, he's in a different 'security' group as I am. So he's been with the company for over 10 years and with recent 'layoffs' happening, he's getting worried. I've been on his case for a long time now. I've always wanted him to get his Security certification and so now is perhaps the time he went ahead and did so, with my help of course.

I already have a curriculum for him and went ahead and got him a book to read. With all the reading that I've already done, I will try to play a 'passive' role, and not be on his case all the time, but somehow I feel that he might be 'slacking' a bit. So, i went ahead and recruited a couple of others (employees) into the loop to do the same certification. This will help all of them out. So here's the scenario. 4 candidates (students) and there's 4 'certified' helpers including myself. We have a set timeframe of 3 months to complete the reading, and then the test will be June 27th. We have set up weekly Friday meetings @ 2PM so that we can talk together about the readings and answer any questions that may come up. I've also set up a google group for the group, and an etherpad to take notes. I feel that I've done ALOT to help these guys out. (Mind you I didn't get this type of help when I was studying) so i really do have high expectations. Now, I will lay low and have them seek me out instead of me doing 'too' much to be in their faces. We will have a 'kick off' meeting this Friday (2/26/2010) and from there i'll lay out the ground rules and let them 'flap' their wings.

MT out for now.