Thursday, December 10, 2009

633 Learning Theory Blog for 12/10/2009

My final project will be in Second Life. I've decided to create something that would depict my Learning Theorist. I was trying to make a 'Targetesque" object in Second Life and found it hard to align the rings. Nick M and I was trying to tweak it, but ultimately, if I changed locations, or camera angles, the object would be all misaligned. Although it's a 3d object, I can not make it right. Perhaps I need to upload a picture of the object or "Target" and then "play" with it as Vygotsky would say. I did take a snapshot of what it looked like (or should look like) from the frontal angle. So it was supposed to represent the 4 stages of the Zones of Proximal Development.

Stage 1, children rely on others for outside regulation of task performance.

In stage 2, the learner takes over the rules and responisbilities of both mediator and learner, and the tasks are carried out without assistance.

Stage 3 internalizes and automatizes the task, and performance is "fossilized", according to Vygotsky. This is the "once you know it, you know it forever" stage.

Stage 4 addresses de-automatization and recursion, These occur so regularly, that they need to be incorporated into the developmental process.

To be continued this weekend...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

633 Blog for 12/3/2009

I've given some thought to my project and am a little stumped on what to do. I do want to either do 1. ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) or Vygotsky's other (amongst many) theory of Play. The ZPD I could creat an action plan of (something) and then have a person look by the plan and do the work by themselves, and note how they perform the plan without assistance from anyone. Perhaps I can do this with Volleyball? Write down how to play, and give the person instructions on how to do so? Record them? Then with my help, see how the learner do with my specific help.

Secondly, the Psychology of play. Less known is Vygotsky's research on play, or children's games, as a psychological phenomenon and its role in the child's development. Through play the child develops abstract meaning separate from the objects in the world, which is a critical feature in the development of higher mental functions. I was hoping to do the project and use this theory of 'play' so that I can record this somehow (my niece?)

I am leaning towards the ZPD. I need to figure this out soon!