Friday, December 3, 2010

December Blog

It's been awhile, but alot has happened lately. We completed our parent's move and now we just completed our own move to Jeffrey Drive. Anyways i'm spent!! I also went over to VA and PA to visit friends and family. I had a great time doing so. Anyhow I guess the real news is that I don't think i'll be pursuing my EDD. The reasoning is that I will not be a FT educator and I can teach technology courses at a community college right now as an adjunct. I should really look into this option because I would save myself time and effort as well as 75K. Granted work will assist me in the payments, but I will still owe approximately 60K after all said and done. I'll need that cash to pay for a wedding and perhaps have a down payment for a new home!!! oh well...Still needing to pay for my Masters!!! haha... Anyways...hope all is well in the 'real' world...

MT out