Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing Malt 12

It has been over a month now and i'm already missing my classmates. I just saw Mary this past weekend, Fabi and Cramer the weekend before that. There's a strong bond between most of us. Anyhow, I guess I can't wait for Debbie's school to start..as sick as it sounds so that I can start studying myself for the GREs. I'm wondering if i should take a prep course. I know I suck at math and my engrish is not as good anymore because of Rap, TV and listening to my co-workers talk. Anyways, I also need to figure out how i can spend my time more wisely. Too much is going on right now with my family that I really can't concentrate much on anything else but to assist in helping them out. Gosh I wish we won the lottery..but i also need to play it to win it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Now that i'm all done and graduated, i feel a sense of emptiness. I do miss my classmates but not so much the work involved in school. I will need to study now for my GREs... I need to get on that soon...The better half has 3 weeks off so I guess I will too so we could hang out more.

Be back again soon.

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