Thursday, September 22, 2011


Been awhile...but just saying that I don't even remember what I wrote about since the past blog. However hmm..what's on my mind now. I think that sometimes people get paid waaay to much doing what they do...NOT making a difference. I would tend to agree that I don't make much of a dent right now as well, but I can honestly say that and be truthful. For others, they seem to think they are important and that bothers me. Regardless, the other half is done with that's good. we are looking for wedding stuff/places...just went to one and think that's the one...down and dirty Viet/Chinese and just pay and play. ha Perhaps a new environment will suit me well. I do hope I can get what I want and go where i'm needed....or wanted i guess. It's been awhile. On a side note...i need to quit drinking...those empty calories are just intolerable. I should really study for the GREs as well. this self study crap is not working out. .. Perhaps I need to take a refresher course...then just take it. I'll look into that .. but problem is vocabulary...those are memorized...not learned in 2 days. ugg.. *shakes head* I need to check in on my cousin..see how she's doing...also my family...been staying away a little bit...but i just can't stand going there and nothing's the way i think it 'should' be. tough when my brother's out of work's been awhile for him. I feel bad but what can i do..? Until next time...sooner than later i hope...

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